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vacation care program

Established 1985

A 60-minute program full of FUN active participation for children of ALL ages!

The Swaggie Man brings a unique, interactive and engaging music

program designed to stimulate, educate and entertain. 

Children play instruments and use body percussion and movement to encourage mental stimulation and motor-skill development. 

The program supports positive management of behavioural challenges

and sensory processing disorders through music.​ 


The Swaggie Man Music Program integrates with the

EYLF and ACECQA Learning Frameworks. 

The educational results are entertaining and inspiring.


  • Learn to play Percussion

  • Australian Music Culture

  • Aussie Bush Dances (Heel & Toe Polka, Circle Dance, Line Dance)

  • How to Crack a Whip

  • Physical Challenges Games

  • How to Make Instruments (Rhythm Sticks, Shakers)

  • Tug-O-War

  • The Worlds Largest Shaker

  • Be Familiar with Musical Notes

  • Learn Ukulele & Violin

  • Australian Flag History

  • How to Make Damper (Grandma Nilma's Recipe)

  • Parachute Game (Like nothing you've ever seen before)

  • Meet 'Pete' the Possum


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