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What is this program about?

This 30-minute program is full of FUN active participation for 2 to 5 year-olds!

The Swaggie Man brings a unique, interactive and engaging music program designed to stimulate, educate and entertain. 

Children play instruments and use body percussion and movement to encourage mental stimulation and motor-skill development. The use of shakers, rhythm sticks and unusual instruments make the results entertaining, educational and inspiring.


The program supports positive management of behavioural challenges and sensory processing disorders through music and integrates with the EYLF, NQF and ACECQA Learning Frameworks.​

It is a one man interactive session, using humour, instruments & body percussion. The children sit on chairs in a semi-circle,rather than on the floor, to encourage them to use all parts of their body.

This program is a unique mix of music styles in a "Whirlwind" activity of interaction with the children.

This is NOT a concert, but an interactive program in which the children participate and learn.


Because of the nature of this program, I can only limit classes to a maximum of 25 children, however there is availability for 2 classes at each centre.


For more information or to make a booking, please click here to contact us.

Who is the Swaggie Man?

My name is Kevin O'Donoghue, I was born and raised in Bendigo, Australia and  I come from a Celtic background.


My  entire career has centred around music and I am passionate about getting results. I aim to bring Australian culture into the child-care curriculum.

Dressed in period costume from the 1800s, I use voice, guitar and backing tracks to bring a unique music program which is both entertaining and educational.


I am a songwriter and have spent many years travelling up and down the East Coast and out west to small country towns bringing this program to pre-schoolers.


My belief is that education should start early and my music programs are designed for your child to learn in the 7 major ways, Visual, Physical, Aural, Verbal, Logical, Social and Solitary. 


Music plays an important part in children's development and helps build skills and confidence. My programs use age appropriate educational activities to enhance your child's development in a fun and engaging way.

Why your centre needs The Swaggie Man.

Kevin has been bringing music to Pre-schoolers since 1985. His program is the original and still the best. Why?

The programs main focus is on education. Using music in each child's development and setting goals with input from teachers so that together we can encourage the children to be the best that they can.

These programs help to encourage independence and self worth as well as social and emotional development.

We provide a nurturing and engaging environment for all children and work to encourage and support them, focusing on confidence and memory recall in each session. Sensory and fine motor skills are enhanced each week through play and body movement.

Research has proven that the first 7 years of a child's life are critical for developing pathways to future learning, with music being an important vessel for this learning. This program is designed as a tool to improve all senses.

So just to recap: The Swaggie Man Music Programs are truly unique, flexible, exciting, energetic, fun and are loved by adults and children alike.

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